About this site

This site is a memorial for our child, Miriam (also known as Eli) who was born on January 22, 1994, and who completed suicide on January 29, 2016 – just a week past the birthday dinner we had enjoyed together.  Eli had an enormous influence on many people and through this site we are also trying to carry on his mission, raise awareness of mental illness and its consequences, and advocate for the inclusion of transgender youth in Christian spaces.

Photo of Miriam (Eli) Roe from January 2016
The last picture we have of Miriam (Eli)

Eli was one of the founders of Receiving with Thanksgiving, an LGBTQA-inclusive Christian group on the Penn State campus. He chose the prayer below to focus his involvement in this work. This memorial is offered with the same prayer.

I am your servant, God. When there is chaos around me, help me stay centered. When those around me argue and fight, let me be your peacemaker. Show me and help me remember what’s truly important. Help me keep an open mind. Help me soothe the anger of others. Help me resolve the conflicts in my life, so that I may find peace. Stay with me God. Enter into the hearts of all those with whom I cannot find common ground. Fill their hearts and fill mine. I am your servant, God. Amen

Transgender young people, even those fortunate ones who are loved and supported by their families, face a terribly elevated risk of suicide.  The Trevor Project is an organization dedicated to saving young LGBTQ lives through a 24-hour crisis hotline and other intervention services.  By clicking the “Donate” button here or on the upper right of any page, you can make a contribution to the Trevor Project specifically in Eli’s honor.  If what you read on our site stirs you or moves you, we encourage you to make such a donation, whether it can be large or small.

John and Liane Roe