Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017

This was shared on the Facebook page of Receiving with Thanksgiving, the student organization that Eli helped to found (and which has continued to be active this semester).

“Today we remember the life of Eli M Roe, founding member of Receiving With Thanksgiving. We miss you, dear friend.”

(The student event was held early because of the clash with the Thanksgiving break this year.)

Transgender People and the Body of Christ

Trans people welcome!

This is a rough transcript of a presentation I gave to the Penn State Faculty-Staff Christian Fellowship in March 2017, entitled Transgender People and the Body of Christ. This talk was (of course) inspired by Eli/Miriam’s life, which is why I am reproducing it on this memorial site.  I’m grateful to the group (which skews relatively conservative) for inviting me and for paying attention to what I had to say. Continue reading “Transgender People and the Body of Christ”